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Entry Level Hipster Garbage

by Harpoon, the Whale



Who are we?


Harpoon, the Whale is a high-energy four piece alternative rock band from Laramie, Wyoming. Drawing from influences including pop, grunge, punk, and classic rock, Harpoon, the Whale layers sweeping vocal harmonies, driving rhythms, and interwoven guitars into their multifaceted song structures. The band’s kinetic live show has been labelled as ‘a force to be endured.’ Harpoon, the Whale’s traction and fan base is ever-growing (a 2015 Laramie Boomerang survey had them listed as runner-up for ‘Favorite Local Band’). After three recent tours extending from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Northwest, Harpoon, the Whale is primed to bring their unique brand of melodic rock to audiences everywhere.


Vocals, Guitar / Wes Hogg
Vocals, Guitar / Kaleb Richey
Bass, Vocals / Phil Hoffman
Drums / Thomas Saffel


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